Friday, 11 April 2014 10:54

Verity & Mike, Altrincham

We had a fab honeymoon thank you......the landing in Antigua was somewhat bumpy and a bit scary but thankfully we landed in one piece! I think this may be due to a short runway....or the pilot just forgot to put his breaks on at the right time!!??

Cocobay resort is fantastic, it was much nicer than we had imagined. The food was really good, there was a good choice on the menu in the evenings where you had a choice of about 3 different starters, mains and deserts, this was off a menu and not a buffet. The lunch time buffet was good too, plenty of choice and variety throughout the week, and the same with the breakfast.

The most outstanding thing about the resort is the staff, they were absolutely superb. We didn't have a stocked mini bar when we arrived we thought this was included as we had upgraded to a plunge pool room and so mentioned it to the reception staff and O'Neal the owner was there at the time and overheard and gave us a free mini bar without hesitation and gave us water bottles everyday. He was very much present around the resort and nothing seemed a problem to him. Our plunge pool was freezing due to the palm trees next to the 'cabin' shading it and we mentioned it to him when he walked past and that afternoon his garden staff had cut back the tree to allow the sun to get to it. We were slightly disappointed that we didn't mention this sooner as we were unable to use the plunge pool really due to it being so cold and just wish we'd said something sooner but not to worry. It was worth the upgrade though as the rooms are lovely.

We also got a glass of rum punch on our arrival and cold face towels to cool down with which was very welcomed. Also in our room there was a bottle of 'Champagne'/sparkling wine which was lovely and one evening we returned from dinner and there were candles(battery operated) and fresh petals at the foot of the bed which was also very cute and a nice touch.

There is a private beach attached to the resort and this is just wonderful, there are of course the locals with a stall selling items but they didn't really pester us too much, just when we walked past and made eye contact! : ) We learnt to keep our heads down! haha

I would definitely recommend the resort, if you are looking for a laid back and peaceful time. The pools were amazing and all very very clean. We went to Shere Rocks too which is the restaurant attached to Cocobay but you have to pay separately for there as it's not actually part of Cocobay. We went on our last night and the food was magnificent, the chef personally came out of the kitchen to chat to the customers too which was a nice touch.

We of course have no complaints about your service, you personally have been really good and always replied to emails etc promptly and have been very helpful. The lounge passes came in useful too at Manchester, it was really nice to just relax in there, with a bottle of Champagne of course. The flight attendants for Thomas Cook were all really lovely too. Unfortunately we didn't get an upgrade on the way there as there was no business class on that flight however on the way back we upgraded for £80 each which we didn't mind paying because it was so worth it to have the extra leg room and it felt a lot calmer in business class. I think it was a bigger plane on the way home and we were obviously tired and just wanted a bit of quiet time.

So all in all it was a great experience.......thank you......