Thursday, 10 July 2014 11:37

Gaby & Jon, London

If you've never been to japan you really much visit some day. Everything is so different and fascinating, not only the sights, but restaurants, even watching people walking down the street. The food has been amazing and the people have been so welcoming and helpful.

Our first stop in Tokyo we stayed at the Conrad Hotel, which is an amazing hotel, they gave us a suite and our friend have this to us as a wedding gift. Tokyo is so modern reminded us of New York, even with its own sky line :)

Then up to Hakone where you found us the Hyatt which is again so lovely. The hotel was great, v welcoming and the natural hot springs there (in the hotel, known as an Onsen) were one of our highlights. Great to be in the mountains (especially as Jon and I used to ski for a living so it was like coming hm). V chilled but beautiful and loads of stuff to do, as well as the occasional view of Mt Fuji that graced us with peek as it came out of the clouds.

Then into Kyoto which is much more what you would imagine Japan to be like, small cobbled streets just barely wide enough for cars to drive by, wooden houses and lanterns outside. The ryokan you found for us was great, of course we totally didn't understand their ways when we go there (shoes off when u enter, private and communal baths, and a futon mattress made up in your room each night, and by day packed away to be replaced by a pillows to sit on a table). But the people who worked there were so welcoming and nice and really took care of us, although quite strange very comfortable.

Also the tour you organised for us was fantastic! We were the only ones on it so was basically a private tour. And although it poured with rain that afternoon was brilliant. The guide knew so much, had amazing English and not only explained the temples we went to see but the local food and showed us great little shops and restaurants. That was definitely one of our best days :)

The second hotel we stayed in btw was not great, very functional and clean but we had to upgrade to a twin room as the double there was barely enough room for Jon and I to stand up at the same time. It was ok and great for our needs but I wouldn't recommend it unlike the other hotels.

Now we are in Kanazawa which is beautiful, the best gardens we've ever seen and again beautiful old traditional streets with a samurai old village.

Just wanted to let you know we're having a great honeymoon, and thank you for making it happen.