Thursday, 14 August 2014 13:31

The Desmond family, Market Harborough

The service from Top Drawer Holidays has been exceptional. We have been genuinely impressed with the attention to detail at every stage of our holiday; from discussing initial ideas, to the fully costed alternatives provided, to the straightforward and clear arrangements surrounding the admin and the 'like clockwork' final travel arrangements. Everything went seamlessly. It was 30C at the airport when we arrived at half past complaints, just surprise and excitement. It did mean that the air conditioned and very good quality private transfer was just superb. We were at the hotel in 35 minutes, where the staff were supremely helpful.

We both had sea-facing rooms in Block 2 about 10 rooms apart, both on the top floor, which was great. We (Lorraine & I) had room 2502, which was the first room on the corridor and had a slightly better configuration than most of the rest (not counting 2501which was a suite); the girls were delighted with theirs too. So we were very pleased that the hotel had clearly paid attention to your emailed requests.

The hotel as you know, is due for a refurb this winter, but any implied 'tiredness' in the room decor - perhaps mentioned in one or two online reviews -in no way diminished our experience. It is perhaps simplest to say that every aspect of the service and the facilities at Papillion Zeugma was exceptional; the food and the range of drinks was quite wonderful too. We tried all of the 4 a la carte restaurants, and again were delighted. We did complete the hotel's own questionnaire, and mentioned some of the staff who made a particular impression, though noting that this should not infer that those 'behind the scenes,' were any less professional and hard working than their more ''public" colleagues.

It was our first ever time in an 'all inclusive' environment and we quickly much so that we were slightly worried that on re-entering the 'real world,' we might wander off from a cafe or suchlike, without remembering to pay the bill ! The organised evening entertainment - not something that I have enormous experience - was really very good; a mixture of the PZ's own team, and other professional troupes from elsewhere around the world. Really high quality on each of the occasions we went along (about 5 or 6 in total). The girls joined in the Teenage Club, and may even have learned a few words of Russian and Turkish along the way !

It says much that we were there for 11 nights, and did not once tire of any aspect of the hotel.

The only other bit of feedback I can think of that might be useful for future clients, is that whilst having the advantage of great elevation, sunsets and sea views, as it was near the front of the hotel (seaward end), our room did experience fairly high volume music each night from neighbouring hotels (to the west). This was usually tll about 2.00 am. While this was not a problem for us, there was one night when it was especially loud inside the room with windows closed. I think it may have come from the Hotel Atlantis, but then the following night it was back to normal. Clearly, the refurb may solve this completely, but for anyone who might be very sensitive to noise, they might be better opting for a sea view in block 1 (or a pool view in either 1 or 2). Interestingly, the rooms on the our floor (5) in both blocks, all have balconies that are double the width of those on the floors below ....worth remembering perhaps....?

The suites looked nice from what we saw of them, but for us, the combination of the two rooms (and ours in particular) was absolutely spot on. Suffice to say that we would go back without hesitation.

I should be very happy to recommend you and would be more than happy to chat about any future ventures 'as and when'...BTW, thank you again for arranging the 'bubbly treat' on the plane, which we enjoyed on the balcony, mid-way through the holiday. A very nice touch !

Sasha and Nadia's feedback, is that it was possibly the best holiday they have ever had...what more can I say ...except...

Thank you.