Wednesday, 08 July 2015 00:00

India & Adam, Cambridge

Hi Ian, Hope you are well and enjoyed your holiday too! Below is my feedback on the holiday and booking process. It really was a holiday of a life time, we had a wonderful time and are looking forward to planning our next trip to the US. Hopefully in 2017 we will visit San Francisco and back to Las Vegas, but I will get in touch for your assistance again. Also, I have raved about your service to several people, in fact you are helping my mum and her husband to be plan their wedding in the Seychelles!

Planning: This is the first time we have used an travel agency and I was so impressed. I usually like all the planning and research for a holiday, but with this trip it would have been too much. Using your service allowed me to still have input into the planning, but without the legwork! it all felt very straightforward and you were very patient in exploring different options of locations and dates. It felt very reassuring booking places that you guys recommended.

New York: The hotel was wonderful! the service was fabulous and we got upgraded to a suite (this never happens to us, so we were very excited). The location was perfect, enjoyed being able to walk everywhere from the hotel. We had dinner at l’ecole, which was marvellous. the wine pairings was my favourite part. I have since heard that it is closing down which is such a shame. We also went for dumplings in Chinatown, dumplings were wonderful but glad we had the recommendation from you as we would not have thought to stop in there!

The only thing that did not go to plan was the transfer to the hotel for the flight to Las Vegas. The latest version of the booking form which I took with me, did not include the instructions to call and confirm the day before, so the car never turned up. The concierge at the hotel was wonderful, he called the company up to find out what was going on and then advised us to get the public bus, so crisis averted. Also, the service picking us up upon arrival at New York was a bit chaotic and not the friendliest of receptions, but it didn’t take too long and they got us to our hotel. I think next time I would be happy to pay a bit more for a nicer service.

Las Vegas: Hotel rooms was perfect, though they kindly put us on the penthouse floor at level 36, the view was spectacular but the height was pretty terrifying. We would open the door, take a photo then firmly shut the door and retreat to safety! Las Vegas is such an amazing place, like a holiday park. Super clean, relaxed and fascinating!

Finally, thank you very much for all of your assistance and advice. The customer service I received was wonderful, always very genuine and friendly.

Best Wishes, India